South Asia Cities Map

Asia is a big continent with many countries.

India :

india map

In our mission to discover real Asian urban communities on a map,let’s begin our voyage in India. India is a nation in the southern piece of the Asian mainland and is found west of China. India is about as large as 1/3 of the United States. Despite the fact that it’s littler than the United States, it has far a greater number of inhabitants than the United States. It has right around 1 billion a greater number of individuals living there than the United States. Starting at 2016, India had a populace of 1.3 billion individuals. Presently, that is many individuals. India’s capital is New Delhi. It’s located in the northern part of India.


Going east, how about we go to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an Asian nation situated among India and China on the Asian landmass. India is to its west and China is to its east. It is home to the Bengal tiger. In 2016, Bangladesh had a populace of 156 million. Its kin are called Bangladeshi and the larger part communicate in Bengali. Its capital is Dhaka, located at about the center of the country.



Going further east, you end up in China, a major nation in the eastern piece of the Asian mainland. China is the nation with the most astounding populace in the entire whole world. It’s only somewhat littler than the US, however it’s home to far more individuals. Starting at 2016, it has a populace of 1.37 billion, slightly more than India. Major city in China is that of Shanghai, located on the eastern shore of China. Shanghai is actually China’s largest city and one of the world’s major financial hubs as well.


Going significantly further east, there’s Japan, an Asian island nation east of South Korea. In 2016, Japan had a populace of just about 127 million. As far as size, it’s nearly as large as the territory of California in the US.It’s capital is Tokyo, located roughly in the middle of the island on the eastern coast.

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