New Phuket theme park – TRIBHUM,Thailand mixes legend and fantasy with interactive technology

The Mystical Three Worlds” is Phuket’s newest tourist attraction. A 3D walkthrough adventure theme park in which visitors are transported into a mystical realm of Siamese legend and fantasy. Theme park located in front of the Floresta Zone of Central Phuket in Phuket Town.

In ‘The Magic Forest World’, visitors can encounter the Makaleetrees and be lured by their enchanted dance, make their way through the ‘Vanekampoo Monkey’ zone inhabited by half-monkey half-oyster animals, speak to the Talking Tree and have their voice changed into that of Tribhum plants, survive poisonous flowers in the Blood Flower Cave, be transformed into a Tribhum creature, catch a glimpse of a Kinnaree and break the spell of the icy Wild Illusion. In ‘The Silver Mountain World’ an exciting time awaits on the 4-storey high Silver Glider ride that reaches a speed of over 45 kilometres per hour and on the Crystal Path glass skywalk that’s 60 metres long and over 20 metres high. In ‘The Underwater World’ visitors can cruise along a secret passage to encounter the mythical creature attendants of the Naga King, marvel at the sight of thousands of real-life fireflies in The Thousand-Firefly Tunnel and experience flying in the ultimate 4D animation flying theatre.

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