Best Country in Asia to Live

Living in Southeast Asia is significantly simpler than you most likely’s simpler to get around, to get what you need, to discover a network that will invite you. While the distance may be intimidating, the reality on the ground is much less so than you may imagine. Expats living in this part of the world report that life is at once exhilarating, comfortable and affordable.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand,£1525 a month buys you royal treatment and a relaxed lifestyle among a friendly local population with a vibrant expatriate community. The crime rate is low, and you have access to excellent medical care.

Malaysia flies under the radar for most Americans, but it, too, deserves your attention. Where else can you live in a high-rise that looks and feels like high-end Miami.

Cambodia is a moderately new boondocks for expats – and no inquiry it’s a gutsy sort who flourishes there – yet with its grinning individuals, pioneering openings, and absolute bottom evaluating, it has bounty to suggest it.

Costs in Bangkok, Thailand are extremely reasonable. A bowl of noodles from a street stall costs less than a dollar; a three-course meal for two with drinks at a mid-to-upper-range restaurant will set you back £45. A taxi ride across town costs less than five bucks. Or, for pocket change, you can ride the elevated “Skytrain” or the MRT subway to your destination.

Malaysia isn’t like anyplace else. From here, all of Asia is on your doorstep—deserted islands, fascinating cities, mountainous rainforests, as well as some of the best diving and yachting anywhere. And because it’s profoundly multi-cultural already, it’s very welcoming towards foreigners.

A couple can live on a budget of £1334 a month including rent. Spend £2669 a month and you’ll live like royalty. Both health care and health insurance are much less expensive than in the States or Europe. In general, facilities are state of the art, with well-trained medical personnel and an excellent standard of care.

Cambodia is one of the easiest countries in the world to move to. The commitment level is low, apartment leases can be had for as little as three months’ rent with a month’s deposit, the visa is easy and anything you need can be found in Phnom Penh.

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